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  • What is TrueAir?

    TrueAir: Powered by True Incentive

    TrueAir is an airfare exchange program designed to enhance ownership, membership and loyalty programs with the expanded use of loyalty currencies for airline tickets.

    Why TrueAir?

    TrueAir offers a cost-effective airfare component for your members and owners. With no restrictions other than what you as a client have defined, this valued component allows client companies to position within ownership, membership, and loyalty applications to increase sales, retention, use.

    What are the Benefits of TrueAir?

    TrueAir allows consumers to select points, credits or rewards up to an allowable limit towards the purchase of airline tickets.  TrueAir also offers the opportunity to use cash in addition to points, credits or rewards to purchase airline tickets.  In addition to including airline reward on each ticket purchased, live agents may be contacted with o additional ticket fee.

    How Does TrueAir Work?

    Each customer is charged a transaction fee per ticket.  They are offered three pricing options at when subscribing.  The API portal loads, connects and validates customers, easily retrieving and/or updating points, credits or rewards.  The client managed dashboard sets subscriber levels and conversion rats, points, credit or rewards allowed by level.  It also allows the client to chose which airlines, departure cities and destinations to include or exclude.

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