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    Incentive Strategy in Coordination with Travel Partner Advertising

    Program Details:

    In coordination and approval with travel partners, utilized advertising schedules, TV, radio, print, and direct mail into advertisers selected venue and followed with branded solicitation offering travel partners product in incentive form. Solicitation by mail and in kiosk face to face activity co-brands the solicitation so consumer is completely aware of requirements and terms of participation to earn incentive and experience what positioned entertainment venue has to offer. Telesales introduction scripts highlights travel partner by name with requirements and terms of participation to earn incentive. Each subscribing consumer meeting requirements and terms of participation is award the incentive and opportunity to take advantage of the travel partner’s product.


    To develop marketing solicitation schedules with clients in selected advertising venues of travel partners. Offering clients the opportunity to increase response rates and consumer scribers willing to participate as required to earn incentive, and reduce cost of overall marketing program by strategically following travel partners scheduled media buys. Overall resulting in higher numbers of consumers visiting sales venue, and achieve increase sales closings.


    Mail response rates increased by more than 2% from less than 1% to over 2.5%, face to face and telesales subscribers increased by 20%. 55% of the consumers meeting requirements scheduled and visited the sales center compared to 40% on traditional direct marketing programs, an increase of 15%.

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