New SmartPerkSM Distribution Offers Electronic Distribution of Certificates

True Incentive, a Florida based company that provides direct marketing solutions with marketing and sales incentives has announced that it now offers two distribution features: Customer self-serve and client managed distribution.

According to Reginald Nelson, National Sales Representative, “Our clients expressed a need for a more efficient and direct method to reward their customers without having to be face to face with them. We already have an excellent online product catalogue and the distribution of incentives can now be aligned with that delivery system.”

The newly developed distribution options, dubbed SmartPerkSM, eliminate the need for face to face distribution of paper certificates which is not only “greener” but also faster and more efficient. The new options also support telesales and web application distribution.

“Our clients are reporting that the new methods are supporting cash flow and better alignment of cost with revenue,” added Nelson. “These options mean that our team of knowledgeable sales associates can spend more time recommending and fashioning programs for marketers in numerous industries, with less operational red tape.”

The incentives that can be found in the True Incentive online catalogue are a combination of tried and true options as well as new and innovative choices that are designed to impact a company’s marketing and sales objectives.

The dynamic catalogue of land vacations, airfare and cruises is continually updated with improved product descriptions, details and pricing.

True Incentive provides incentive based direct marketing programs built to improve customer loyalty, brand awareness and revenue.

Many True Incentive products also feature True Plus options, a selection of features designed to enhance incentive based direct marketing programs for the specific needs of any application. Adding True Plus option features can increase overall product value, including adding the clients’ brand to the product and servicing communications.

To view the catalog and for more information contact Reginald Nelson at 954-383-3188 or

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