Multi-vacation option that accommodates two adults and two children up to 7 nights in one stay or can be scheduled as 2 separate getaways. Hotel options include hotels such as Ramada®, Marriott® and Days Inn® within the continental United States, Canada or Rocky Point, MX.
Add-on Value Included:$100 Cash Gift Card per trip.

Key Benefits

  • Best applied in the following direct marketing applications; direct mail, telesales and face-to-face
  • High-profile / High-response acquisition incentive
  • Flexibility and components provide higher perceived value proposition; efficient cost-to-value
  • Multiple travel options to support local, regional and national marketing campaigns
  • Opportunity to highlight travel destinations; attracts unique segment of consumers with an affinity to travel

Retail Value

Up to $1,075


  • Lead generation / Customer acquisition
  • Package sales

True Plus Customization

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True Product Facts

  • Deposit Amount and Type: $100 Refundable Reservation Deposit Applied to Government Taxes/Agency Imposed Fees and Customer Selected Travel Options.
  • Usage: Year round.
  • Estimated Fees Due at Booking: Governmental Taxes and Fees, Agency Imposed Fees (Approximately $18 – $25 per night).