How do you keep the trust factor when you hand off a segment of your client interaction to someone else? True Incentive is a company that provides incentive based marketing solutions to the market place and we are in constant communication with our clients. Through many interactions over many years we have learned what our clients want. We also know how they want to be treated when we interact with them. True Incentive clients expect speed, accountability and transparency. They expect us to go the extra mile for them and we do. Then we put it all together to build that emotional client/customer/vendor bond called trust.

Maintaining Trust

The real challenge comes when we need to entrust our most valuable assets—our clients, to our strategic partners. We accept the challenge of making sure that every one of our strategic partners understands our priorities before inviting them to work with our clients and in turn their customers. Before ever consigning our clients to one of our partners we do our research and ask these questions:

• What are the steps to interacting with the customer?

• Who has direct contact with the customer?

• What are the customer satisfaction rates for your product or service?

• What are the results of your process?

• How do you manage customer expectations?

• What is the customer education process?

• How many ways do you offer for the customer to engage?

Everyone on the Same Page

Customers, clients and vendors all benefit when you align with a strategic partner that shares your dedication to the customer and who will be a trusted ally in your marketing efforts. As Lior Arussy says in his 10 Rules for Customer Experience Transformation, “We’re living in a new world of exceptional or nothing. This is what customers expect and what we need to deliver.”