The Changing Market Place

One of the first challenges of building customer loyalty is understanding the changing market place. Millennial or boomer, male or female, no matter what demographic, today’s consumer is online savvy. Providing the best experiences for consumers means knowing that people have a multitude of self-service channels to find answers to their questions, to search out the best deals, investigate options and make decisions. Successful businesses commit to providing online services that are friendly, interactive and informative.

Time is of the Essence

At True Incentive we realized early on that to really understand our clients’ customer needs and wants we needed to understand the market place and in particular, how it affects the notion of time. When making decisions, people don’t have the time or the patience to sift through mountains of complicated details. No matter the industry, consumers want what they want now!

Innovation Leads the Way—Quicker Delivery, More Choices

In response to meeting the demands of the changing market place and to our clients’ need to provide information to their customers quickly and efficiently, we developed our digital delivery system e-Perk. The e-Perk system supports customer self-service and client managed distribution as well as elimination of the need for face to face interaction. The process of incentive distribution is quicker and more efficient by no longer confining it to conventional paper distribution and offering instead a high-speed digital distribution.

We made e-Perk to align perfectly with our online product catalogue. Customers now have easy access to a multitude of incentive choices—land vacations, airfare, cruises—and constant updates of product descriptions, details and prices—satisfying their need for speed, choice and making their own decisions.