FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (September 4, 2015) – Customer Service Network Group (CSNG), which supports the service and redemption of incentive based direct marketing companies by fulfilling promotional travel incentives, sales awards, gift cards and cash rebates reports continuing strong steady growth. With approximately 2500 fulfillments a month, the group serviced nearly 30,000 certificates last year.

Taylor Billington, CEO of CSNG and its sister company True Incentive says ”this year we are already seeing an increase in all facets of our redemption program: online redemption as well as our contact center. For those who still feel more comfortable with ‘old school’ methodology, we also have mail processing available. A growing number of our redemption services happen online. We understand that depending on another company to fulfill a part of your business may be difficult. Because we continuously evaluate our process we are confident that we are delivering outstanding service and technology performance no matter which platform customers select.”

“Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for consumers who want to utilize their certificates and offers. Thus, our actual fulfillment center has its own robust web site ( and communications channels for customers without confusing the issue with B-2-B points of interest.”

CSNG is known for working with clients, navigating through various options to create the best fit for customer’s travel rebate, gift card and award incentives.

Customer Service Network Group, and its sister company, True Incentive (, have a 25-year old tradition of servicing millions of offers. True Incentive’s Incentive Based marketing Solutions processes all its fulfillment through CSNG as do numerous other incentive marketing companies. To find out more visit Or contact is Drew Brittain at 954.839.6065 or email For more information about True Incentive’s Incentive Based Marketing Solutions go to


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