Provides 10% savings on up to 4 airline tickets departing from 48 Continental US or selected Canadian airports to 50 US or international destinations.

Key Benefits

  • Best applied in the following direct marketing applications, direct mail and telesales
  • Effective rotation incentive in fixed markets
  • Multiple travel options to broaden appeal in mass marketing effort
  • Attracts unique segment of consumers with an affinity to travel

Retail Value

Up to $370


  • Lead generation / Customer acquisition
  • Gift with purchase
  • Embedded / Expanded benefit

True Plus Customization

True Product Facts

  • Deposit Amount and Type: Not applicable.
  • Usage: Year round.
  • Estimated taxes and fees at booking: Travelers are responsible for government taxes, carrier and agency imposed fees along with charges incurred in excess of this offer, such as but not limited to: ground transportation to and from the airport, purchased additional travel options, travel upgrades, gratuities and meals.