Drew Brittain / Vice President of Sales

As a member of the timeshare or vacation club industry, you are already well aware of the many benefits timeshare vacations can bring to consumers, but did you know that the US economy at both the local and national level also profits from the timeshare industry? A recent report from ARDA International Foundation’s (AIF), entitled “2016 Economic Impact of the Timeshare Industry on the U.S. Economy”, shows just how much impact the timeshare industry can have on the economy through the creation of long-term employment, as well as taxes. The impact is even greater when you realize that the timeshare industry not only consists of timeshare resorts, but also of sales and marketing offices across the country, local and corporate operation centers, and new construction and renovation projects.

Looking more closely at the numbers, we can see that the timeshare industry adds up to 79.5 billion in consumer and business spending, a 16% increase over 2013, quite an accomplishment in an overall sluggish economy. The industry employs more than 510,000 people (full-time and part-time), an 8% increase over 2013, and contributes more than $28 billion in salaries and wages. Finally, the timeshare industry is an important and most welcome source of revenue for federal, state and local governments, as it provides tax contributions equaling more than $10 billion yearly, a 21% increase over 2013. Not only does the timeshare industry provides fun and relaxing vacation opportunities to millions of people year after year, but it also offers benefits for many organizations in the private and the public sector.

At True Incentive, we are an integral part of the timeshare lead generation process, and our marketing incentive programs help timeshare and vacation club operators like you make the most of their marketing dollars to reach the right audience. Our incentive programs help you increase response rates from prospects and build up positive brand experience. We understand that prospective owners of timeshares tend to be travel savvy consumers. That is why we offer a wide range of marketing incentives, all of which are available both in English and in Spanish, including airfare products, land products with renowned hotels and resorts, and cruise vacation solutions, all aimed at maximizing your customer acquisition efforts. And with our E-Perk digital delivery system, we are dedicated to increasing consumer satisfaction by helping you deliver incentives via email or SMS to any smart phone, tablet or computer in a few minutes instead of weeks. By combining forces, we will continue to grow the timeshare industry and bring joy to millions of vacationers for years to come.