As Director of B2B Marketing for True Incentive, I want to be sure those shopping or looking into using travel incentives understand the many wonderful services we offer. I’ve noticed that there may be some confusion over the differences between Incentive Travel and Promotional Travel Incentives. Here’s an explanation of the two programs.

Incentive Travel Programs are used by businesses to motivate and reward the company’s employees. Incentive travel is used primarily as a tool to improve and drive sales goals within a business organization. Employees are rewarded with travel incentives (such as an all-expenses paid vacation), for achieving previously agreed upon goals that benefit the company. The company’s objectives for using the incentives is to reward employee accomplishments, to encourage employees to work harder and more efficiently, and to build employee loyalty.

Promotional Travel Incentive Programs, like the programs we provide at True Incentive, are to thank or motivate our clients’ customers, as well as to build and maintain customer loyalty. Customers who participate in the programs receive a travel offer based upon their expenditures for special purchases, taking property tours, or retail shopping to name few. The promotional travel can be land vacations, airfare combination vacations or cruise vacations.

True Incentive works with clients from the start of their Promotional Travel Incentive Program to finish and beyond. We identify the right marketing incentives for your company, develop direct marketing solution based upon your need, and implement the right direct correspondence delivery system and messaging. We provide clients end to end support, monitor customer experience and measure results. Our incentives are designed for all stages of the customer cycle from lead generation to acquisition, to gift with purchase. Each program is individualized with target solutions determined by the clients’ geographic, demographic and budget objectives.

At True Incentive we believe that an excellent experience turns prospects into customers and customers into brand advocates. If you’d like to find out how we can help your company, contact me directly, Christina Lopez, at or visit or Twitter @TrueIncentive.

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