By Drew Brittain

At True Incentive, we understand that incentives that work well for one client may not bring significant results for another. In fact, matching the correct incentives to your audience can be a challenge. That’s because each and every one of your prospects or customers is a unique person, with their own tastes and aspirations. Targeted incentives that manage to match the specific needs and desires of customers will drive the highest response rate, making your marketing campaign a success.

So how do you keep up with your audience’s ever changing needs? While marketing theories haven’t changed much over the years, our fast changing and wide open world has brought on challenges, as well as many opportunities, to marketers. Our digital age has made reaching out to vast audiences easier than ever, but casting a large net over a wide variety of prospects is still expensive and unproductive. At True Incentive, we believe that micro-nice targeting, a marketing strategy that analyzes demographics and consumer data to help you understand the specific needs and interests of small groups of like-minded people, is an excellent way to tailor your marketing messages and deliver them through the most-effective marketing channel.

Micro-niche targeting is essential but can be time consuming and requires dedicating resources to perform the research, which many of our customers don’t have available. That’s why we take on the task of talking to hundreds and hundreds of consumers to identify what their needs and aspirations are, what incentives they are looking for, and what works and doesn’t work for them. As a result of our extensive research, we can then build new marketing incentive products around highly targeted groups. For example, we can tell you what types of incentives attract the interest of seniors, where Northeast folks like to go on vacation, or what kind of incentive certificate will draw the largest amount of families. Our goal is for us to do the hard work in the background so we make it easy for you to be successful on the forefront.