True Incentive is all about helping you to find the right incentives that drive new prospects as well as your existing customers to action. Finding the right incentives for your customers is not always easy. Each prospect and customer is a unique individual and the incentives that motivate them need to be unique too. That’s why True Incentive offers a broad range of incentives and matches them to the needs of your specific group of customers. We look at the Omni-channel challenges of marketing today and are pro-active in crafting effective tactics for a variety of incentive-based marketing programs.

We make it easy for you to be successful
We want to make it easy for you to be successful and True Incentive combines the strength of two companies to help you to do that. Once your marketing and incentive program is in place, there has to be a strong fulfillment program that services and fulfills the incentive certificates. Our sister company, Customer Service Network Group, is the fulfillment side of the business that redeems hundreds of desirable travel and retail experiences to customers. Your customers can easily fulfill their certificates online or with a call.

Many companies sell incentive products, but few have the know-how to understand how to fully use them. Our incentives are customized for all stages of the customer cycle from lead generation to acquisition to gift with purchase. And, we back it up with a strong commitment to our clients throughout the process so that they can achieve the best results. Our commitment to you along with our state of the art technology and tools, is a win-win for everyone.

Online Product Catalogue
Our online Product Catalogue makes it convenient and stress-free for clients to find exactly the incentives needed to boost brand identity, revenue, and customer loyalty. The Product Catalogue has many choices to choose from such as land vacations, airfare combination vacations, and cruises to popular destinations. Our product descriptions, current details and pricing are frequently updated with the latest information on all incentives offerings.

True Plus options
With our signature marketing tool, True Plus, our clients can access a selection of features that work with the specific need of any application to enhance incentive based direct marketing programs. Customized features increase overall product value—clients can personalize their program by adding their own brand to the product and servicing communications.

Twenty-five years of successful service
True Incentive and Customer Service Network Group, combines 25 years of successfully servicing millions of offers. Along with land vacations, airfare combination vacations and cruises, we also include gift cards, cash back rebate and semi-custom solutions designed to give timeshares, travel clubs, banks, auto dealerships and direct marketers the competitive advantage when acquiring and maintaining consumer relationships.

If you would like to discuss your incentive marketing program and how our services can make your program stand out from the competition, contact me, Drew Brittain, VP Sales, at or 914-839-6065. Or, visit and

Motivating Customer Response – by Drew Brittain