I just returned from a delightful vacation where I noticed a lot of happy people—myself included. We were experiencing all the feelings the experts say are benefits of travel—time to forget your work and worries, the ability to relax and enjoy your family and friends, new and stimulating scenery and activities that spark your creativity even after you return to reality.

The gift of travel
Travel truly is a gift that keeps on giving. The experts at ARDA and the U.S. Travel Association are right about the studies they’ve done on the importance of travel. They found what we’ve always thought was true, that travel has a multitude of benefits. Here’s just a few:

Positively influences mental and physical health
Provides quality time with family and friends
Reduces burnout
Increases productivity and creativity

True Incentive travel incentive programs
People love to travel and know instinctively that it is good for them. That’s why travel incentives are so effective. They’re like a gift to your customers for their loyalty to your business. And, who doesn’t like to receive a gift now and then, especially a travel gift?

True Incentive can help you pinpoint the travel incentive that works the best in your marketing area and application. For instance, cruises are popular, but they aren’t the only “sexy” trip to pull in new customers and retain current ones, and they may not be right for your customers. Maybe a travel–based land vacation to an exotic location is better. With our industry knowledge and alliances we will help you identify the right travel program for your incentive based direct marketing needs.

From start to finish
Work with our clients doesn’t end with the identification of the right marketing incentives. We are with our clients every step of the way from start to finish and follow-up with continued support. We help implement a delivery system and messaging, monitor customer experience and measure results. If something isn’t working we’ll change it so it will. Our individual programs are designed for all stages of the customer cycle from lead generation to acquisition.

Customer delight
Our goal is to transform the incentives industry by going back to the purpose of incentive offers—to foster delight—just like my vacation did for me! Let me know if we can help you in bringing delight to your incentive based direct marketing. Contact me, Drew Brittain Sr. VP Sales of True Incentive, at, dbrittain@true-incentive.com, or visit www.true-incentive.com www.linkedin.com/True-Incentive or Twitter@TrueIncentive or join the discussion at http://tinyurl.com/incentivedisc

My Summer Vacation—What I Learned About the Benefits of Travel – By Drew Brittain