The “truth” is we needed a change. As experienced direct marketing specialists who also know a thing or two about fulfillment, we knew we could better serve existing clients and grow our business with two separate entities: True Incentive and Customer Service Network Group. These two sister groups combine strength and expertise of a quarter of a century with the core concept that truth lies at the center of every product the company delivers because with truth, comes consumer confidence.

Involvement in all Stages of the Customer Cycle

As CEO of True Incentive, I take the team approach in providing our clients custom direct marketing solutions. Our customer made approach is designed to enhance services and provide seamless interactions with customers. We are with you for all stages of the customer cycle from lead generation to acquisition. Our goal is getting you your desired results. That starts with getting to know you and your particular needs. Here’s how we begin:

1. Identify Goals – Our incentive experts work with you in finding the maximum impact that incentives can have on your marketing and acquisition goals. We want to identify not just what you like, but what your customer likes too.
2. Develop Solutions – Our incentive programs are based on your social, economic and geographical region. One product may not work in all markets. You may need to choose a suite of products for flexibility, ease of product rotations and cost advantages. Each market has unique characteristics and we make it our business to know those characteristics so we can offer the best choices.
3. Implementation Program – With research as our guide, we help you pair your incentive product with the right delivery system and messaging.
4. Provide end-to-end Support – Our fulfillment subsidiary, Customer Service Network Group and deployment team, provide “right-sized” support for your initiative.
5. Monitor Customer Experience – We closely monitor your progress, which helps us to know if we are doing our job and positively supporting the brand experience.
6. Measure Results – Last, but certainly a big focus of the process, we track the research and report the results.

True Incentive provides incentives that drive prospects and customers into action, and Customer Direct Marketing Solutions provides the fulfillment component that focuses on redeeming hundreds of travel and retail experiences to consumers. It’s all part of the magic that makes True Incentive.
As a company, we love what we do! That is reflected in the quality of our products and services and the results that are generated. We think you might love us too. Contact me, Taylor Billington, at Follow us on Facebook and Twitter too!


Our Incentive-based Process

Our Incentive-based Process