As a direct marketer, timeshare developer, travel club operator you want to ensure that your vendor will treat your customers as you would yourself. There should be no break in the continuity of excellent service you provide. Whatever marketing program you use to attract and retain customers, before you hand off your hard earned customers to another entity to service, do your research and ask questions.

One of the most important questions is: Will the supplier provide what they say they will provide? Direct marketing efforts should address your customer’s values, interests and lifestyles. If you are a motorcycle shop, a drawing for a Harley Davidson will attract the right kind of bikers. If you are a spa operator, the incentive of a complimentary massage is in line with your clientele. If you are in the vacation industry offering an opportunity to travel is imperative.

No matter what industry, the elements of time, clarity and education are equally important. For the business of vacations, it is even more critical to provide streamlined, enjoyable customer interaction as the vacation plan unfolds. After all, planning and choosing a vacation should be an exciting and joyful experience.

Continued Support

As a company who provides incentive based marketing solutions to our clients we have reputations at stake, ours and our clients’. When a client turns over their customers to True Incentive, we take it to heart. As we deal directly with both businesses and consumers we keep the customer at the forefront of our decision making process, and because of that we see great results.