Everyone likes to feel that they are getting their money’s worth on purchases—or even that they are getting a little more for their money. Gifts with purchase, sale items, points and miles, and travel incentives give customers added value on their purchases. More importantly, incentives also make the customer feel valued and rewarded for doing business with the company. When the incentive is a positive experience, it develops loyal and life-long customers, plus a positive brand image for the company.

The gift of travel
Travel incentives are one of the most desirable, value-added incentives. Few people can resist a gift of a Caribbean cruise with exotic island stops, a stay at a luxury resort or airfare to their vacation destination. Travel is exciting and people look forward to the experience. Even just the activity of planning a trip is stimulating. Travel incentives have always been and remain today one of the most popular marketing incentives a company can offer.

The benefits of travel
Studies show and travel experts conclude, that travel has a multitude of benefits. Most people experience a positive mental and physical effect on their health from traveling. Travel offers quality time with family and friends, and the time away from work reduces burnout, and increases productivity.

In addition to the health benefits, travel gives you the ability to get out of your own little world and experience a much broader world, to get to know other areas, people and their culture. Travel expands your horizons, tickles your curiosity, develops your intellect and makes you a better person.

These benefits don’t go unnoticed by customers. People love travel and know instinctively that it is good for them. When they are given an opportunity to travel more, they will take it. That’s another reason travel incentives are so effective.

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